• chevron_rightHow does the Gate entry system work?
    The Gated sections are equipped with a telephone entry system. This system is both an intercom and access control system.  When a visitor finds your special "Directory Code" on the call box listing and enters your code on the keypad, the system will dial your phone number that has been provided to the HOA.  This is part of the Gates Access form which should be submitted to the management company.  The visitor will not see your actual phone number.
    Upon answering the phone, you will be able to speak with your visitor.  Be sure to speak clearly an strongly so the visitor can hear you over any noise in the area.  The call can only last about a minute.  After that period, the system will automatically end the all to ensure the system is available to other visitors.  Starting 10 seconds prior to the end of the call, you will hear a short tone each second to signal you that the call is about to end.
    Once you have answered the call you may immediately take one of two actions:
    Dial a "9" to open the gate, OR
    Dial a "*" to hang up without granting entry
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Trash pick up schedule?
    Trash pick up is every Monday and Thursday, but there is no trash pick up on the following holidays:
    New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  
    More details on the Trash services is listed under the Members link on the Home Page. .